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Posted on 02 July, 2012 by Forrest

ZenCart Security

When researching e-commerce shopping cart platforms, ZenCart Shopping Cart might pop up, as it stands out as one of the most user friendly with a lot of community support. ZenCart can be updated or updraged with plugins and addons. This includes admin tools and different language packs to templates and even marketing tools. These plugins and downloads are approved by ZenCart.

There are many factors that that make an online store appealing and one of the main ones is its appearance. Template packages allow you to change the way your store looks, which can complement your products . Each download page for template plugins contain a description, list of features, and the author who created the template. There is also a history of the different versions of the template, giving you an overview of the changes and updates it went through. In addition, the support forum is there to help guide you through any issues. Installation is simple, just download and then upload the file onto your server. After that, just select the template from the admin menu.

The ZenCart Hosting community generates constant updates and new features that increase usability and personalization. As easy as it is to use, getting started is the most important step: Its important to find a reliable ZenCart hosting company. Hosting as e-commerce site is much more complicated and resource intensive than a basic website. It is important to make sure that the web host is PCI-Compliant. Although now a requirement, not all merchant providers are PCI-Compliant and the fines can get pretty hefty if you are not hosted with a PCI-Compliant web hosting provider. WebNet Hosting is PCI-Compliant as well as runs and secure environment with high speed servers allowing you to get the most out of your ZenCart shopping cart, you can learn more about the ZenCart Hosting packages at www.webnethosting.net. WebNet Hosting also offers a complimentary migration service for all customers switching their ZenCart hosting from another web host to WebNet Hosting.

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Posted on 02 July, 2012 by Forrest